The Leuven Twins is a sports club founded in 1993 and based in Leuven ever since. They have two baseball teams who compete in the third division of the Vlaamse Baseball en Softball Liga (VBSL).

Since 2014 they also have a recreational slowpitch team. Because of the great succes of slowpitch, the Leuven Twins will have two slowpitch teams from 2017 on: one recreative, and one competitive team who both compete in the second division of the VBSL.

The team is made up of players from the ages 14 and up. Because of their connection with the KUL university and the large international community throughout Belgium, the Twins are composed of both Belgian and international players.

If you are interested in playing baseball or slowpitch, or if you just want to become a fan and have a great way of spending your Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons at the ballpark, don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our facebook page.

We also support the campaign Fairplay from the VBSL. For more information, check the website of the VBSL.