Practice & Games


Indoor practice for slowpitch and baseball is held every Sunday in the Grote Zaal in Gebouw de Nayer (KU Leuven) from November through March.

  • 12-2pm beginners slowpitch
  • 2pm-4pm advanced slowpitch
  • 4pm-6pm advanced baseball

Beeball practice takes place every Monday night from 6 to 7pm in KBC-zaal in Sportkot.

From April through September practice takes place outside on the field next to Gebouw de Nayer (KU Leuven). Practice is Tuesday and Thursday night from 7 to 9pm. Slowpitch competition is on Saturday, baseball competition is on Sunday.

Outdoor training on Tuesdays will be from 6pm until 8pm from April until June 7th. From June 7th on, outdoor training on Thursday will also be from 7pm-9pm.


Twins uniform consisting of a Twins jersey, red Under Armour, red socks, red belt and grey pants.
Matthew was a pitcher at this game. All pitchers have to wear a face mask.

In general you can wear regular sports clothes to practice. Most prefer to use their own glove, but we have team gloves you can use. Men have to wear a cup (jockstrap).

For indoor practice you have to wear sports shoes that do not leave marks.

For outdoor practice you should wear cleats (baseball or soccer shoes).

For games you will have to buy and wear a Twins uniform (red socks, grey pants, Twins T-shirt or jersey, cap). This document contains a list with everything you need for a Twins uniform. You can buy the socks and belt at any regular sports store. We recommend to buy the grey pants in a baseball store, such as The Cage or Covee.

Twins uniform consisting of shorts, a sleeveless jersey and red socks.
If you choose to wear shorts, knee-pads are recommended.
During batting, you have to wear a helmet. Most players also like to wear batting gloves during batting.