Code of Conduct

This is the translation of our code of conduct, also known as “Gedragsregels”. Please not that this is purely informative and in case of an issue we will refer to our Dutch code of conduct.

The code of conduct of the Leuven Twins are in accordance with the most recent version of the organization’s statutes and bylaws.

Article 1: General

The main language during practice and competition games is Dutch and due to our international members the second language is English.

While practicing our sport, hard balls and bats will be used. At all times, you have to take care about the safety of yourself, the people surrounding you as well as your team-members.

Each member is required to possess a valid sports card or day-card of the sportkot.


Article 2: Membership

1. The club consists of recreational and competition players.

2. The season for recreational and competition players runs in synchrony with the academic year starting September 26 and ending September 25 of the following calendar year.

3. For the first registration the member as to fill in the membership form and sign it. The following information has to be given: last name, first name (full), date of birth, phone number and e-mail address.

4. The board has the right to reject people for organizational reasons. Where necessary, a maximum amount of players will be managed.

5. Registration is valid by paying the membership fee of a single season. The membership is of limited duration and has to be renewed by the following season.

6. The membership fee will be yearly discussed by the board and will be notified to the members in time.

9. The board will ensure that those persons who wish to become a member of the club will be registered at the federation as well.

10. When the board and the coaches have discussed the teams, they will be positioned based on the registered members per category.

Article 3: Competition games and practices

1. Each team takes care of transportation to away games. The drivers of the vehicles are obliged to comply with legal regulation. Note that as a driver you are a role model for our youth players.

2. Minors (below 16 years) are not allowed to leave practice or competition games at an earlier time as usual, unless the parents have given permission to do so. If this happens nonetheless, the trainer has to inform the board as soon as possible in order to notify the parents.

3. The team in which you are practicing or playing will be decided by the board and involved trainers.

4. All players have to arrive in time for practice / competition games. When absent, contact the trainer or team manager in time, the latest before the practice on Thursday.

5. Players who wish to participate in a competition game have to appear in proper and neat club uniform.

6. All players are obliged to carefully and respectfully handle the equipment and clothing of the club.

6. During practice and competition games, all jewellery has to be taken off or be taped.

7. All male players are obliged to wear a cup during practice and competition games.

Article 4: Codes of behavior

1. It is forbidden to throw the gear with exception of the balls.

2. The decision of the umpire will always be accepted and respected.

3. Discrimination and sexual intimidation is not allowed in our association.

4. You accept the authority of the coach(es) during competition games.

5. Aggression and violence, verbally as well as physically, are not allowed. Always try to be under self-control. This holds while being on the field as well as on communication posts via social media platforms.

6. Players, trainers, coaches, umpires, supporters or parents will not be offended. Not on the field, neither next to the field.

7. Before and after a practice or competition game, players are expected to help set up the field and gear as well as helping to clear the field of all material. Dressing rooms will be left properly and neatly.

8. Always be committed during a competition game to play as good as possible and to achieve a result as good as possible.

9. Also during practice, be committed and accept decisions of the trainer.

10. Encourage instead of criticize each other.

11. Do not use any drugs or alcohol before and during a competition game or practice.

12. Commitment is asked during all team events and activities of the club. These activities are an important source of income and emphasize the social character of the club.

13. Trainers, coaches, members of the board and parents act as a role model for our youth players. The first three are also the billboards of the club.

14. Problems or complaints will be discussed with the board.

15. Notify the material manager or a representative trainer/coach/member of the board if material broke during (the season) a practice or a competition game.


After every season, the code of conduct will be evaluated and if necessary adjusted and / or complemented.

Everybody is obliged to follow the code of conduct.

Article 5: Sanctions

1. In general, acting against the rules and misbehavior of a player is punishable if it is in violation with the law, the statutes, the rules and / or decisions of specific bodies of the association, or if interests of the association are violated.

2. Members who do not respect the code of conduct can be called to account for it or can be sanctioned, for example suspension from the practice and competition games, suspension as a member, repayment of fines because of misconduct of the player. In case of drug use or other offenses, the board is allowed to involve the police.

3. After a decision such as those mentioned in section 2 of this article, the involved member is allowed to appeal at the general meeting of the association. This appeal has to be sent to the secretary of the association the latest 6 weeks after the decision of the sanction has been made, by means of a registered letter*.

*address:   Windmolenveldstraat 58 te 3000 Leuven

Article 6: Responsibility of the members

Each member is responsible for the damage that he or she causes to goods of the club. Damage to any good will be assumed to be caused by the last person in possession of the said good, until proven otherwise by the said person.

Article 7: Pictures and imagery

By signing the membership form, every player/legal representative gives permission that pictures and imagery can be published on the website, the Facebook page and in folders and flyers of the club. Whoever does not wish to comply should notify the club in written form.