In case you had an injury during a training or game, please make sure to follow these steps:

  1. The person insured has hurt him- or herself during a sports activity.
  2. The club will provide the injured person with the insurance papers.
  3. Make sure to take these papers to your doctor who has to fill them out.
  4. Send these papers together with any notes of charges as well as the doctor reports to the VBSL-secretary: BOOMGAARDSTRAAT 22/B 30,2600 BERCHEM
  5. Further settlement of your case will be directly with ARENA.
  6. Once ARENA has received the documents, they will send a confirmation of reception within five days together with all necessary information and your case number.
  7. It is best to transfer all additional notes of charges immediately to ARENA in order for them to calculate the compensation once the case is complete.
  8. Please notify ARENA if any unfavorable developments during the healing process occur.

Don’t forget to take a copy of all your documents!

For more information, you can always visit the VBSL website.