If you want to join the Leuven Twins team, you have to register and pay an annual membership fee. Annual fee’s are:

  • Competitive baseball: EUR 130
  • Competitive slowpitch: EUR 80
  • Recreational slowpitch/baseball: EUR 80
  • Slowpitch + baseball: EUR 150
  • Beeball: EUR 70
  • Baseball miniemen: EUR 80
  • Supporter/superfan: EUR 65

All members are required to pay these fees. They cover the official KBBSF license, equipment usage, medical insurance, costs associated to maintaining our field, transportation to away games … .

In addition to these fees, slowpitch and baseball players are required to have a sports card of the KUL.

The membership fee does not include the uniform or other personal clothing. Members are expected to invest in a uniform (shirt, pants, shoes, socks, belt, baseball cap). We also advise you to invest in a baseball glove if you are going to play competitively. All other equipment such as bats, balls and practice gear is available through the club.

Membership is open to everyone who’s interested in playing baseball, slowpitch or beeball and wants to participate in the Twins’ regular trainings and games.

If you are interested in joining the Leuven Twins, you are welcome to try three practices for free in order to get to know us and see if the sport really interests you.

Are you convinced to become a Twinner? Fill out the membership form via this link Registration Form Twins and transfer the money to BE14 7360 0067 1283 (BIC: KRED BEBBand welcome to the Twins! 🙂