Slowpitch is a variant of baseball. The skills and abilities needed in baseball are also needed in slowpitch. There are three differences from baseball that make it easier to hit a slowpitch ball:

  1. the ball is pitched more slowly
  2. the ball is bigger
  3. the bat is thinner

As a result, there is more action on the field and the games generally end with higher scores. Even though the game is called slowpitch, it is not a slower or less exciting game. The ball is just bigger and pitched slower!

The game

A standard slowpitch game consists of up to 7 ‘innings’. During an inning, the players, 1 by 1, try to hit the pitched ball away. After a hit, the player must run as fast as possible past the three bases, to the home plate where they started. These are called runs. If the player cannot hit the ball away, or the ball gets to a base faster than the player, the player is out. After three outs, the other team gets a chance to score as many runs as possible. After both teams have been at bat, an inning is done.

A slowpitch team consists of 10 players, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders. The infielders are the pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop and third baseman. The outfielders are left field, left center field, right center field and right field.

Ready to play ball?

Do you want to try softball or have you played before? Then join us at practice! You can practice 3 times for free, after that you have to sign up.

  • Indoor
    • Where: “Grote Zaal” in building De Nayer at Sportkot (Tervuursevest 101, 3001 Heverlee)
    • When: From October until March, every Sunday from 12 until 14h (level 1) and 14 until 16h (level 2)
  • Outdoor
    • Where: Baseball field next to building De Nayer at Sportkot
    • When: From April until September, every Tuesday and Thursday form 19 until 21h
Slowpitch Gold Team @ Heist Afterburners September 19th 2020

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